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Create Your Own Bot with the New ChatGPT

Are you ready to take your AI capabilities to the next level? Dive into the world of Extended ChatGPT features ... Show more
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Are you ready to take your AI capabilities to the next level? Dive into the world of Extended ChatGPT features and learn to craft your very own custom GPTs with our exclusive masterclass!

🤖 Meet Your AI Guides: 🤖

Welcome to the future of AI. In this 20-video journey, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure led by expert instructors who demystify the potential of AI models. Whether you’re in real estate, mortgages, or any other field, this masterclass is tailored to boost your AI prowess.

🧩 Course Highlights: 🧩

🌟 Introduction to GPTs: Get acquainted with the revolutionary world of AI-driven text generation, and understand the building blocks of Extended ChatGPT.

🧠 Harness the Power: Learn how to prompt your AI for specific information, making it your ultimate knowledge assistant.

🔨 Customization at Your Fingertips: Dive into the GPT Builder and discover how to craft your custom AI model, one step at a time.

💾 Data Preservation: Explore how to save and manage your AI creations, ensuring your knowledge is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

🌐 Domain Verification: Learn how to verify and customize your GPT Builder domain, tailoring it to your specific needs.

📂 File Handling: Master the art of file uploads and understand the limits of your AI model, ensuring seamless interactions.

🧩 Extend with Plugins: Elevate your AI’s capabilities with plugins, enhancing its skill set for a wide range of tasks.

🔌 Plugin Output: See your customizations come to life with clear insights into plugin outputs.

📚 Dall-e Magic: Uncover the creative genius within you as you delve into Dall-e, crafting images from text.

🖋️ Customize Instructions: Tailor your AI’s responses by providing custom instructions, shaping its output to your requirements.

📜 Merge and Combine: Seamlessly integrate custom instructions with Dall-e to create dynamic content.

🎨 Design Your AI: Understand advanced GPT customization techniques to sculpt your AI model’s behavior.

🔗 Shared Knowledge: Discover how to manage shared links and collaborate effectively with others.

📱 Mobile Mastery: Harness the power of AI on-the-go with the mobile app, enabling voice interactions and image-focused responses.

📊 Data Management: Learn how to efficiently manage your data for a seamless AI experience.

🎓 Why You Should Enroll: 🎓

This masterclass opens doors to endless AI possibilities. Whether you’re looking to streamline your business, explore creative content generation, or simply understand the future of AI, this course is your passport to success.

🌐 Unlock the Future: AI is transforming industries. Stay ahead of the curve and master the tools that will shape tomorrow’s landscape.

🌟 Be the Creator: Craft your AI assistant, tailored to your specific needs, and witness the magic of custom GPTs.

🚀 Transform Your Career: Whether you’re in real estate, mortgages, or any field, AI knowledge is a game-changer.

Join us and become a pioneer in the AI revolution. Enroll now, and let’s shape the future together! 🚀🤖📚